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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are there restrictions about who can buy a home in Highland Meadows?
No, there are no restrictions limiting who can buy in Highland Meadows.

Q2: Why should I buy a new home instead of an older home already on the market?
In Highland Meadows, a new home is designed to fit your needs. A new home is highly energy-efficient and can cut your utility bills in half, compared to the average existing Elkins home. A new home will not require updates and renovations, or surprise you with costly repairs as soon as you move in. A new home comes with a one-year warranty. A new home is built just for you, and will last for years to come. Can all of that be said about an older home?

Q3: Who can build my home in Highland Meadows?
Any licensed contractor can build you a home in Highland Meadows. Highland Community Builders has built most of the homes in Highland Meadows, and can build yours, too, but buyers are not required to use HCB to build their home.

Q4: What kind of house can be built in Highland Meadows?
Careful thought and planning went into the creation of the Design Guidelines for Highland Meadows, which are in place to protect homebuyers’ investments in their homes and in the neighborhood. Exceptions to the Design Guidelines will be considered by Wilson Lane Development LLC, and, at a later date, by a committee of the Highland Meadows Home Owners’ Association.

Q5: Where can I get construction financing to build a home in Highland Meadows?
Highland Community Builders can provide its own construction financing when it builds a home for a Highland Meadows customer. In addition, there are several local financial institutions that can provide construction financing for homes in Highland Meadows. See Get Financing for more information.

Flood Map

Q6: Is Highland Meadows located in a flood plain?
According to data provided by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the Highland Meadows neighborhood is located at a significant distance from the flood plain boundaries of the Tygart River (see graphic at right). A standard wetland assessment was completed for the entire property prior to any construction and no building site has been identified as a wetland.

Q7: Who are Highland Meadows’ neighbors?
Highland Meadows is conveniently located near commercial and medical services, yet feels removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. This walkable community has pedestrian access to the Tygart Valley Mall to its east. To the south along Wilson Lane is Tygart Valley apartments, owned and managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and providing rental housing to elderly and disabled residents. Beautiful open space borders the neighborhood to the north and west, with views of the mountains in the background.

Q8: Who maintains the roads and provides snow removal, trash service, etc. in Highland Meadows?
Highland Meadows is located within the City of Elkins (Second Ward), and the City provides all of their usual services to residents of the neighborhood, including road maintenance, snow removal, trash removal, and water and sewer.

Q9: Is there a Highland Meadows Home Owners’ Association?
Once 51% of Highland Meadows lots are sold, the Home Owners’ Association (HOA) will take on many of the responsibilities held by Wilson Lane Development, LLC. These responsibilities include maintenance for the Green Way and the neighborhood entrance, and decisions regarding new construction in the neighborhood. Due to the HOA’s limited maintenance responsibilities, fees to the HOA, determined by the HOA itself, are expected to be low.

Q10: What schools do children from Highland Meadows attend?
Highland Meadows is within walking distance of Third Ward Elementary School, and close to the newly renovated Elkins Middle School. Randolph County School Bus service will be available to children for these two schools, and for Elkins High School, as well.

Q11: Does Highland Meadows have a Facebook page?
Yes, you can follow new developments in the neighborhood, and read about other aspects of home ownership, on the Highland Meadows Facebook page.

Why Highland Meadows?

We all want to have a place we can call home. A place where we feel comfortable and connected to our surroundings. Highland Meadows is that place but at a moderate price tag that makes it affordable. Come be a part of it.

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