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Highland Meadows Design Guidelines

Highland Meadows is intended to be a walkable community composed of energy-efficient homes with styles and features that reflect a variety of tastes and needs. These design guidelines have been developed in order to enhance and maintain the quality of the neighborhood.

  • Homes are set close to the street with friendly porches and glass-filled front doors, and garages are set back from the front yard, to enhance the neighborly environment.
  • Outdoor elements are designed to create a walkable community in which homeowners can easily get to nearby services and amenities, such as a grocery store, movie theater and restaurants. For instance, there are paths to the front door from the street or driveway, and lights near the street that illuminate the night for walkers and bike riders.
  • Large backyards with decks provide private space for family use, while minimal fencing creates a park-like atmosphere among the backyards and the common space of the Green Way.
  • Architectural patterns and elements are coordinated without being repetitive—providing a common theme yet encouraging variety along the streetscape.

Green Building

Green materials and construction techniques are encouraged to provide homebuyers with energy-efficient and healthy homes. Techniques favored include:

  • Energy Star-rated windows and appliances
  • Building techniques that create an airtight building envelope
  • A “conditioned” crawlspace that is insulated and has controlled ventilation to maintain a dry, warm space beneath the home

View our complete set of Design Guidelines.

“During Superstorm Sandy, when we lost power, our house did not go below 61 degrees. That was because of energy efficiency and the insulation that was used in the building materials, and the crawlspace under the house being conditioned.”
Neavoda J.


Why Highland Meadows?

We all want to have a place we can call home. A place where we feel comfortable and connected to our surroundings. Highland Meadows is that place but at a moderate price tag that makes it affordable. Come be a part of it.

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