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NOVEMBER 2014 – It seems the way things are going these days, we all need to be in the lookout for new ways to save money. While the prices of so many things keep going up, for many of us, our income just isn’t budging. One set of bills we know we have to pay every month is our utility bills. If you are like the average Elkins resident, in January 2014 you paid over $200 for your heating bills. And chances are January wasn’t the only month you paid that much. That can really add up during the year. 

In Highland Meadows, our brand new homes are built with a special emphasis on energy-efficiency. As a result, homes in the neighborhood have average monthly heating costs of $100. That’s HALF of the average Elkins cost last January. Talk about adding up over a few months, that’s like putting $100 in your pocket instead of in the mail to the utility company. What would you do with those savings from lowering your energy costs?

If you’d like save on your average heating costs, give us a call so we can get you started on the right path to a new home, and some new savings in your pocket. Just imagine the possibilities!

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